aikidance homepageRachel Rudich created aikidance, which combines concepts from the Japanese peaceful martial art, Aikido, as well as Reiki, the Japanese hands on energy healing technique, with influences from the Conscious Dance Movement, Contact Improv, yoga, and modern dance.


DiFrancoDogz is a new website designed for Cindy DiFranco to provide clients information on her services. She provides canine massages, seminars and has a DVD for sell on the site.

The website was designed using WordPress for it’s great flexibility. The website uses the PayPal service for DVD sales.


TAPIO SCHNEIDER was a redesign of an existing site. The project was a collaboration with Purple Pen Productions and they supplied the design. I took the design and created the HTML and CSS. Purple Pen added the JavaScript functionality. It was an interesting site to work on and I enjoyed the challenges of making the site match the design.

BEST Arts Conference, 2011

This is the website for the annual BEST Arts Conference for 2011. This very popular annual conference for educators focuses on visual & performing arts in a preschool curriculum.

This fun website uses XHTML, CSS and a little Javascript.

This will be the 4rd year Agile Web Development has worked on the BEST Arts Conference website.


IFCS Team USA is a website providing information to the agility community about the team representing the USA at the IFCS competition in 2012. In addition to providing information on qualifying for the current years competition, it also has details on past teams.

The website was designed using WordPress for it’s great content management capabilities. I’ll be taking advantage of several great plugins to add features to the site. For example competitors that are interested in trying out for the team will be allowed access to restricted sections of the site. There they will be able to record their results. This will allow the agility community to track their progress.

Agile Paws Dog Sports

Agile Paws Dog Sports homepageAgile Paws Dog Sports is a website I designed for my new Dog Training business. I was looking to highlight my dogs accomplishments and my experience.

I decided to use WordPress and the Amplify theme by Kriesi. The theme has a nice slide-show on the homepage and I liked the color scheme. I wanted something similar to my Agile Web Development site to tie the two together, but also a bit different to set them apart.

Goleta Valley Dog Club

I was contacted by the Goleta Valley Dog Club to take over for their webmaster of 10 years who was retiring. They are a very active club located in Goleta, CA that provides agility, obedience and rally classes in addition to weekly agility practices.

We discussed the project and decided to do a complete make-over of their old site. Their website used lots of photo’s to showcase their members accomplishments and were a very important element in the redesign. They also have frequent updates with class schedules, new titles, etc. WordPress would be a perfect fit for this project.

We decided on the Spotlight Theme created by Mateusz Hajdziony. It’s a lovely theme that features a nice image slideshow on the homepage along with photo galleries that would make a nice way to display photos of the members’ dogs.

Visit the Goleta Valley Dog Club website.

Agile Web Development

The Agile Web Dev site was originally written in xHTML and CSS. I find it more difficult to work on my own website and I was never been happy with it. Over the years I have made updates to the look, but it still wasn’t right.

In 2010, I decided to redesign it again, this time using WordPress. I found a beautiful theme called Graphite, created by Mateusz Hajdziony. And for once, I’m finally pleased with my own website.